Company Introduction

Shandong Magi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is located right in the middle of China’s petroleum industrial hub in Linzi district of Zibo city in Shandong province. Shandong province is an extremely important petroleum market, as it stands for 56% of all privatized refining capacity in China, with most of the refining plants located right around Zibo city. Linzi district is one of the most developed industrial districts in northern China generating the highest GDP in Shandong province.

MAGIEX is established and managed by Shandong Magi Petrochemical Exchange Co., Ltd, that builds its foundation upon the Internet, to combine and establish trade transactions, financial services, financial risk managements, logistics, and information services all on one platform. Petrochemical trades can be conducted online or offline on the MAGIEX platform, and is a unique service provided through the MAGIEX “Platform + Supply” business model to facilitate trade in the petrochemical industry, especially crude oil, refined products, petrochemical, plastic and natural gas products.


MAGIEX provides its members with services to complete spot transactions in areas such as settlement, logistics, information, financial, insurance, supply chain monitoring services, using Shandong as its market foundation to connect all of China and the world together to provide a transparent and efficient trading platform.

Address:No. 818, Zhongrui Bldg., Linzi Avenue, Linzi District, Zibo, Shandong, People's Republic of China
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